What has this virus brought?

We we are taking this virus more seriously than we have herpes AIDS or any other virus?

In most grocery store? We now have to distance ourselves at the lease to shopping cart lane from each other.

Basically hair styling places has been shut down!

What was a myth is now becoming a reality for us!

In general!
it has either increasing up on torch to employment?
so that current employers can hire new employees at a much lower wage?

Or it has increased business hours in general food delivery?
what is these businesses are increasing employment and hiring much lower wage workers?

And if so how long are the lower wage workers will last?

or is this just another form of temporary employment?

Are businesses really truly helping with this virus economy!

Either way!
In general business has excessive weight to the US ec clearly.
Clearly it does Prove? The that business is looking at only to appease the shareholders not the backbone of each and every business in the USA.

Unfortunately; there are many other businesses the same way!

This virus has regenerating an old saying?
“Employees I own you!”

See what our moms and dad left us?

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I write about people places and things and then some!

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