What has this virus brought?

We we are taking this virus more seriously than we have herpes AIDS or any other virus? In most grocery store? We now have to distance ourselves at the lease to shopping cart lane from each other. Basically hair styling places has been shut down! What was a myth is now becoming a reality forContinue reading “What has this virus brought?”

COVID-19 Consumer Warnings and Safety Tips | Federal Communications Commission

https://www.fcc.gov/covid-scams Always in situations like this. There will always be someone either working or skulking around the corner trying to figure out the ways and means in order to scam connive and chive and flat out lie to people just to make a buck. They will also what’s called “spoof” phone numbers. To get youContinue reading “COVID-19 Consumer Warnings and Safety Tips | Federal Communications Commission”

Cleveland Heights officer tests positive for COVID-19

https://fox8.com/news/cleveland-heights-police-officer-tests-positive-for-covid-19/ With the covid-19 19 virus. I’m seeing too many reports laying all different types and kinds of print. The names all people who have the covid-19 virus is being reported I think at this point in time. I would much rather be a statistic then have my name printed as one of the peopleContinue reading “Cleveland Heights officer tests positive for COVID-19”

I must be a narcissistic Magnet!

As far back elementary School. As far back as my classmates I found that even be to have the humble beginnings of narcissism. The best slash or worst of them all for the kid named Danny Rayburn. He hated me since the first day of kindergarten. I said or did nothing at all to himContinue reading “I must be a narcissistic Magnet!”

Anybody for a Corona?

It’s been close to a month! Since the name change from coronavirus. To covid 19! Just now the media is getting around to calling it covet 19? So much for high-speed high feed technology. Grand this is one virus that cannot make fun of. What’s the best rumor I ever heard so far today is?Continue reading “Anybody for a Corona?”

Be careful of your own family

I had an interesting encounter messenger this past weekend. It was one of my nephew’s girlfriend. She informed me that both of them split again! I did not bust a move or hit on her none with Weber contrary to what she tells him. What did she do she trained and accuse me of cheatingContinue reading “Be careful of your own family”

The benefits of being single

Being single After reading this article. There are some things I happen to notice by myself all things considered after what I have gone through an all my 60 plus years. Being single does give you a lot of time to think about yourself, concentrate on yourself. Don’t get me wrong! When you have somebodyContinue reading “The benefits of being single”

Macy to close 125 stores

Macy’s to close 125 stores Ever since the internet. brick-and-mortar stores do have to move away from the brick and mortar stores to online shopping. Obvious reasons prices are lower and they give the consumer the choice of either picking you up at their favorites store location? Or they have the items shipped. if youContinue reading “Macy to close 125 stores”

The two most dreaded phrases you will ever hear from a CSR!

“I’m sorry about that!”  “I apologize for that!” It’s been said even in the late 70s and early 80s! Csr’s no matter what title a business may put them under. Are nothing more nothing less than humanize computers! Garbage an! Garbage out! None of these csr’s or whatever water down tile a business cares toContinue reading “The two most dreaded phrases you will ever hear from a CSR!”

5 years Away from my strange wife and am I happy!

Yes I am! Before I even begin doing my combination of homework and research into narcissist / narcissism! I did anything and everything I could to make her happy! That was not the reason why she married a guy like me. Because during her toddler yours that’s when the child beginning thing a narcissist beingContinue reading “5 years Away from my strange wife and am I happy!”