Once in awhile do empty your cellphone

Even I am faced with every once in awhile. Chewy the backup and reset or just reset my phone. Because every once in awhile I get a notification on my phone that says “not enough space!” And that’s when I have to empty all my apps and start right back to square one. If youContinue reading “Once in awhile do empty your cellphone”

Do you remember your first taste of Candy?

My first taste of candy was introduced to me by my two half sisters my first piece of candy was bubblegum! That’s what I’m Topps bazooka and double bubble only cost one penny. Little did I know that there was also find flat pieces of bubblegum which Indian side rapper had a temporary tattoo! YouContinue reading “Do you remember your first taste of Candy?”

Do you remember the first time you ever rode anyting all of them a baby buggy and A stroller?

Other than the tricycle. I can remember when my parents bought me my first two wheeled bike with training wheels. I didn’t understand a thing of what you were telling me. Then when my two sisters ran off and got married. I got one of their bicycles. The damn thing was almost bigger than me!Continue reading “Do you remember the first time you ever rode anyting all of them a baby buggy and A stroller?”

What makes classic movie channel popular?

I think it’s because nowadays Hollywood believes that if there is no violence of any kind or type the movie is going to bomb! But also the classic movies do give us a little bit of an inside at women’s fashion men’s fashions interior decorating at the time. Especially with Turner classic movies and moviesContinue reading “What makes classic movie channel popular?”

If you could have invite anybody! Who would you invite?

I think the first person on my list would be Abraham Lincoln. There was a guy that the word on his own. And if you ever seen any of the movies that were made of Abraham Lincoln? You’ll know why. I think the next person would be JFK. Especially when he was in the NavyContinue reading “If you could have invite anybody! Who would you invite?”

To learn anything and everything you can about money, because after all it’s your money!

I would say the first time your parents or your family members ever giving you let’s say a penny or pennies nickel, dime, quarter. And should we be so lucky? A half dollar! From the time we make the money, we spend the money. That is the time that we should start thinking about investing.becauseContinue reading “To learn anything and everything you can about money, because after all it’s your money!”

I would be scared beyond excrement if I rode in one

BBC News – What happens if you fall asleep in a self-driving car? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49652566 Even even when I first heard of it! I I did not like it. Because I know they’re going to be some shortcomings from Any type for kind of vehicle. A a self-driving car/vehicle? No no sooner or later I foundContinue reading “I would be scared beyond excrement if I rode in one”

Cleveland Union terminal

I still believe! At the time we are the only city. I guess in our own way we let it be known to both the commuter locally and also the commercial railroad passenger who will arrive in Cleveland. At the Time! Fred Harvey restaurant, gift shop, lounge, newsstand. Just within Cleveland Union terminal alone! ThereContinue reading “Cleveland Union terminal”

Royal castle vs. White Castle

There was a time here in Cleveland Ohio USA. We had a couple of restaurants one of them was tasty burger and the other one was most widely known as royal castle! Royal castle was widely known at least locally. For their small hamburgers. Which were identical to the White Castle burgers, referred to asContinue reading “Royal castle vs. White Castle”