Royal castle vs. White Castle

There was a time here in Cleveland Ohio USA. We had a couple of restaurants one of them was tasty burger and the other one was most widely known as royal castle! Royal castle was widely known at least locally. For their small hamburgers. Which were identical to the White Castle burgers, referred to asContinue reading “Royal castle vs. White Castle”

The difference between renting and leasing?

It’s hard to believe even for me! People have a hard time trying to figure out or understanding difference between renting and leasing versus owning? And the difference between having a good track record of paying the rent in full and on time. Versus evictions. Evictions can weight extremely heavy on a prospective tenant whoContinue reading “The difference between renting and leasing?”

Cutting the cord or? There must be something better than cable!

Techdirt: Charter Spectrum Once Again ‘Competes’ By… Raising Prices. There there was a time in the prehistoric era! When cable first start out it was an antenna service. Who would have thought that cable would have grown to be this big? I can remember when it was an antenna service It was first introducedContinue reading “Cutting the cord or? There must be something better than cable!”

In the over 5years I have been here?

Neither the property mgs.want to spend money on this place! The place has changed over the five years that I’ve been here. 5 times! Now I haven’t noticed that current management wants me to move out all because they will not renew my lease. How can you throw out somebody who has paid the rentContinue reading “In the over 5years I have been here?”

Childhood Memories

This is for the ones that have been born and raised if not spend time here in Cleveland Ohio USA Too many besides these Slavic village neighborhood. The Tremont area was another interesting area  neighborhood in the city. How to change even the Tremont area anything and everything you could have ever needed or wantedContinue reading “Childhood Memories”

You don’t know what you can do? Until you go and do it!

This is something I learned from a information broker He was right! A lot of people only stick with one thing and one thing only.,Instead of just go and do it. Case in point! I worked at a industrial brush co. There was a electrician who got a 👎 job review. He got booted downContinue reading “You don’t know what you can do? Until you go and do it!”

If there is life after death? What would I be?

I was thinking? What would I be after death? I know what I don’t want to be! A Toilet! People dumping on me! Like I don’t have enough dumpings. I don’t have to give you the details? “IT STINKS” Bathroom fixture? I don’t want all that stuff down. My throat! Furnace? I don’t have notContinue reading “If there is life after death? What would I be?”