How many miss the good old days?

I can remember time just going downtown!

You had a dress up for you in if you’re just going shopping or restaurant you have to dress up the women and children mostly.

Women with their hats on their white gloves holding their children’s hand walking down the street going from store to store even if you just went to the five and ten snack bar you still had to dress up!

I think that changed. Around the late 60s dressing up wasn’t such a big deal as it once was. The dress casual it was the psychedelic generation and hippies and free love! Even the hippies didn’t even dare to venture downtown for anything except for maybe making there public transportation connections.

To me even as a kid! Every time my mom went to go and pay the mortgage on the house. Every Saturday I always went in to Cleveland City Hall and I was in such awe at the interior of Cleveland City Hall!

I somehow remember a huge picture Washington on the snare drummer in the guy with the flute portrait. They have an exhibit where it would highlight the city of Cleveland water department unto me that was always exciting in its own way.

For me the best time was around lunch time! You could smell the food from the various five and ten snack bars. I can remember WT Grant company they always had hot dogs but they always somehow toast the buns.

The one thing I could not understand? Was that the FW Woolworth store their snack bar the servers behind the counter every time they would for a glass of water by a spoon and just stir the water?

There were two cafeterias when was called The Mills restaurant the food was great!

The other ones are fourm cafeteria. Cafeteria food was already for their customers to order with me being as young as I was I always ordered two of the same thing. I would get snickering looks from the women who serve the food. And they would always tell me: “save some for the other customers!” still to this day I cannot figure out why one cafeteria wasn’t really the same as the other food were the same it’s just the servers behind the forum cafeteria again in my previous post I talked about loyalty and dedication=job security!

I remember my mom and I had breakfast at 2 of the 3 Marshall drug store locations in downtown Cleveland.

It even was a big thing back then! Just about every drug store always had a snack bar where you can get your basic hot dog, hamburger, cheese burgers, fries & course of glass of Coke!

Up until about the mid-to-late 60s going downtown to me as a kid! It always seemed me something special just short of an event!

I will not ever! In the wintertime forget the hard brutally cold air that would make its way around West 6th Street off of lake Erie and And Prospect Avenue and Ontario Street. Even East 9th st.started from lake Erie and the cold air will be there as well!

Department store Christmas showcase window decorations mechanical dolls they are! And the city went out of its way to decorate its lamp posts as well!ore importantly was getting that Christmas gift after seeing Santa.There was discount records on records rendezvous Prospect and on Euclid Avenue. Higbees have their record department. I don’t still recalled May Company having a record department kresge’s had one WT grant did not. Those were the only ones that ever sold vinyl records.

The one of the two anchor stores the higbee company and the May Company pulled out! Slowly but surely everyone else did! It took a while for the parent company Neiman Marcus to close up the Halle Brothers stores.

And that only left downtown Cleveland strictly for businesses!

The proverbial boss!

Like them? Love them? Hate their guts?

Some of them can start out real nice but once they get to know you you’re screwed!

Some have I’m education problem. Where they take their title I’ve been in charge of a department and get off on it in more ways than one!

They think they can do no wrong!

As one person in charge told me:”right or wrong! I’m still the boss!”

And the worst part about it is? They still believe in the prehistoric philosophy of?

Loyalty and dedication = job security! I know one guy that believed in it when the company folded he ended up being a ticket-taker at the local airport parking lot.

It’s all because of two reasons!

The state employment law

And the backing of management no matter what level they may be.

The state employment law gives employers more of an open hand, I’m not enough laws to cover employees.

Very simply if the scales were balance on the other side?

Employers would take their toys elsewhere!

Morning rituals

I think my mom was the one that really started the morning ritual.

She would get up in the morning with the sound of both the radio going off as well as the alarm.

Going to the bathroom and then she would lean over the sink to copper hands full water from a cold water faucet and rince her mouth about three four times I guess to moisten her mouth after sleeping because at the time she was a real true snorer. It didn’t matter if she had to go to work or not that day it was the same ritual day in day out!

I guess since being separated from the estranged wife!

I think I created a little bit of a ritual myself!

I think I’m the same as like everyone else when it comes to trying to get out of bed in the morning.

I to go in the bathroom and empty the keg, prepare for pot of coffee in the morning, turn on the computer, go through the email.

One of the things I do in the morning. are I’m not at all that concerned of what happened overnight or even before I went to bed for that matter.

I subscribe by email from various online dictionaries word of the day.

Some of the words are really expensive!

And I may not use them in my day-to-day communications. There are mornings where I come across a word of the day that sounds very interesting.

I do try to include that in my vocabulary. But! Sooner or later in trying to include it. It fades away.

But if nothing else! I won’t be so much in the dark when somebody does use that word.

There have been times that I have run out of coffee. For my iced coffee! Once I do buy coffee. I’m back in the groove!

The thing that I do need to point out here is that?

Try not to get into a rut of having a routine / ritual each and every morning.

I think that the reason why my mom had a morning ritual was because. She was a child of the great depression. I think for her that was really the sure thing that she knew she could depend on in her own way.

Why do I blog?

At first just the word “blog” turned me off.

But then I decided to give it a try. And I did! And I love it!

I blog just for the fun of it. It gives me a voice on the internet as well as the freedom to write just about anything and everything that I want.

Granted! I am limited as far as monetizing my website is concerned.

I don’t do it just for strictly the money!

Cuz if I was in this just for the money?

I would say for me it would not be fun at all!

It would just take away the fun and the pleasure of blogging itself.

If it sounds like I’m from the baby boomer generation?

I am!

There are certain philosophies that I do live by.

You don’t know what you can do until you go and do it!

The question to ask myself is in anything?

Is it fun?

Is it worth it?

I figure if I can answer at least two out of the three philosophies? I’m doing good!

Tippinng! “?”

This is the most hardest part of having people assist / help you

The word “Tip” means “To insure prompt service!”.

IDK? About the rest of the world!

But here in the US it’s the most biggest most misunderstood form of tipping there really truly is.

A lot of people especially when it comes to going to a restaurant basically a casual restaurant local restaurant national chain those types.

People always leave as a tip a coin or a few!

I look at them and their response is: “they make full wage!”

You know they don’t!

If people took the time to find out that by state law. There are certain jobs that only pay half the wage.

Being a server at a restaurant is one of those jobs that only pays half the minimum wage.

The people who dine? If you think the server makes for wage. that meal you just had would have cost at least one if not two times more than what you currently paid!

Especially with what servers encounter? Whining, complaining customers!

The list can be endless!

I know a pizza delivery guy even if you submit your order online or by phone and you tip the delivery driver no matter who they are? the delivery driver call you to let you know he’s there at the same time he’ll say to you: “you didn’t tip me!”

His job is not to frustrate the customer at all!

Or even in his weird-ass way? Try to scam the customer into tipping him twice!

I’ve complained about it to the corporate HQ and complained about it to the manager both places plead ignorance!

With thanks to the internet! You can look up how much to tip people!

Don’t get taken!

Do you remember as a kid? Your mom trying just about anything and everything to try to get you to eat what she made for you?

Apparently even during my growing up in the baby boomer generation?

My mom tried to make sure I was able to eat any green vegetables. She would take green peas I mix them into the mashed potatoes.

When I came to Breaded fish sticks? She always put ketchup on them.

When it came to spaghetti, stove pipes and the like?

She did not as many times over the years she always made her own sauce. But I got ketchup for my pasta.

When she made her meatloaf she always threw in but he’ll part of the bread as she left turn hard and then when it came time to make the meatloaf she would soak the bread a little bit and then just squish it between her fingers for the bread to blend in with the ground beef and other seasonings.

There were some items that I did not happen to like none whatsoever!

Swiss cheese, liver, zucchini, American cheese.

I still hate liver I so hate zucchini but wasn’t until my mid-to-late teens that I began liking swiss cheese as well as American cheese.

I guess that’s an acquired taste?

Do you remember the first time you had… “PIZZA?”

I was about 6 or 7 years old when my parents were able to afford a pizza making kit in a box.

There was flour to make the dough, a long narrow can of pizza sauce, grated cheese. After my mom made the dough and spread it out on the cookie sheet, I put the pizza sauce ona and the grated cheese that came with it and put it in the oven temperature at that time was 350°. For about 22 maybe 30 minutes.

That was my first real taste of pizza!

A few months later Geno’s the people who are more notoriously known for their pizza rolls came out with their version of a pizza making kit.

Competitive! But not as good as chef boyardee pizza kit.

Chef boyardee also came out with frozen pizza. It came in 2 kinds cheese and sausage.

Then another brand of pizza making kit called Appian Way pizza came out with their kit. To the same!

In 1972! A new pizza place open up behind Caruso’s bar. La Roma Pizza.

I loved it!

Especially the deluxe pizza! A meal within itself!

Even at my young age I don’t think my parents really bothered to find out the nearest pizza place right down the street from us I don’t think they really bothered to find out how much their pizzas were?

Been about three decades later!

Even my mom loved it! I can remember just about every Sunday afternoon just before the browns game on TV. My mom would have me jump in the car at the time Pizza hut restaurants were at such a great distance but she couldn’t care less! She wanted a large super supreme Pizza hut pizza she bought it she got it!

I tried Pizza hut pizza!

Little did I know that even in the 70s on word! Pizzas can be made it home. And it has much toppings of whatever you want on your pizza.In the later years there were some pretty decent size pizzas in the grocer’s freezer. Some if not most of them were cheap but good! I noticed national and regional Pizza change breeze into town they put the toppings on their Pizza just right! But then after a while they El cheapo on their customers!

I don’t think we really lost our appetite for pizza after all these years. We just want more variety from our pizza place.

When you’re young?

Anybody from the baby boomer generation pretty much have this thought in mind?

Just landing your first job! Is a childhood dream come true!

But then I ran into some turbulence! Otherwise known as the wife!

I am just now picking myself up.

When you’re young the last thing you ever think about is retirement. I was until about maybe the late 70s early 80s that we heard so much about IRAs!

Then we all started thinking about IRAs!

As I said in my previous post. Give yourself at least one month to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Then concentrate on investing and retiring!

Smoking vs vaping versus e-cigarettes?

This is going to be such a very long controversial subject!

We all know about smoking tobacco products. Do we really truly know anyting about vaping or e-cigarettes?

I’ve heard so many people say why my grandmother smoke when she was age? My grandfather when he was smoked at age?

I still believe in general that even medical science really truly don’t know the intricacies of the human body as they human body as they think they do?

But we are still right back to square one that’s why I am not sure about the dangers of tobacco versus the dangers of vaping versus the dangers of e-cigarettes.

I dare not going to the area of marijuana. Because that is as well a controversial subject too!

Some saying medicinally it is beneficial others say no thank you!

But since the rise in visit to the emergency room because the patient vape! It does not even put my mind at ease.