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You don’t know what you can do? Until you go and do it!

This is something I learned from a information broker

He was right! A lot of people only stick with one thing and one thing only.,Instead of just go and do it.

Case in point!

I worked at a industrial brush co.

There was a electrician who got a 👎 job review. He got booted down to drilling holes in plates for brushes.

I was a janitor then. I said to him? Why don’t you go to a co tra ring company? He was unsure because he was an apprentice. I said? Just to there and let the person behind desk make the decision. He thought about it. A few minutes later! He told his bozz? ‘I quit!’

He went that same day! Got hired!

There was a time when? I tried to sales. Just to see if I could do it

I was a telemarketer, peddler, sold Tupperware! It was interesting.

It’s time to get out of your zhell!

Go and do it!

If there is life after death? What would I be?

I was thinking?

What would I be after death? I know what I don’t want to be!

A Toilet! People dumping on me! Like I don’t have enough dumpings. I don’t have to give you the details? “IT STINKS”

Bathroom fixture? I don’t want all that stuff down. My throat!

Furnace? I don’t have not flashes!

Light/Lamp? TOm about “job burnout?”

A/ C? I’ll wait till flu season starts. Television! I 💘 being watched! Famous star? Nah!

President? I’ ok get back to you on that!

🍺 what brand?

Wine? White or red?

What would you be?