I ent through 4 indoor tv antennas!

If? /you live in the “BUNKER”!

They will not help you at all!

It does not matter!

What type, kind of antenna you buy!

I live at 430 ft. above sea level!

The best I can get is?

It fluctuates! amplified antennas?

3,8,13 channels!

You will find yourself moving it in different places, positions!

Just to get a clear picture!



I posted this thing!

Here on WordPress and on youtube!

It’s about reducing your electric bill!

I learned this from an electrician (apprentice) who learned it from another electrician (


He said?

If you want to reduce your electric bill?

Unplug all the items you are not using!


The essential: refrigerator, range so on.



The items you leave “plugged in” Still take in electricity! Even timers!

hen I posted this on youtube?

Someone (smart mouth!) ai “there is no Phantom electricity”!

It does not matter!

Do it for 3 months!

You will see a reduction!

















I apologize, Mark, I was able to locate the account. Your installation completed on 12/19/2019. Was it Customer Care that you were having issues with on the phone or Tech Support? – Keira
That is strange, Customer Care should have had no issues whatsoever finding your account, but I can understand Tech Support as the account is still new. – Keira
Hello Mark, I apologize for the delay in responding to your message. Keira is currently out of the office, but I would be happy to continue assisting you. To be able to look into the notes to find out how the modem was delivered to you and what notes the technicians have left, may I please, have the last four of the SSN? – Jamie
Hello Mark, I apologize for the delay in responding to your message. I have just arrived back into the office. I have checked my systems and they are reporting that the modem was shipped to you using UPS and arrived at your residence on Thursday 12/19/2019 around 11:22 am. I have checked for notes from the technician about why they had to come twice. – Jamie
Hello Mark, I apologize for the delay in responding to your message. I have just arrived back into the office. I am sorry that the modem arrived late. Has the service improved with the new modem? – Jamie
Hello Mark, from what I have read from the conversation is this: You had issues with the service You called tech support and customer care Agents had issues locating your account We finally found the account and issued you a new modem The modem was delayed in arriving You received the modem You reached out to us here on Twitter Jamie assisted you with locating the modem and asked if the new modem fixed the service Jamie informed you that with a newer account, some agents are not always able to find the accounts Jamie left the office and I took over the conversation I advised you that we would be sending feedback to the agents that you spoke to so that they learn how to locate the accounts. Is there anything else that I could assist you with, other than what has already been addressed?
Doesn’t this remind you of the saying:” too many cooks spoil the broth!”
I asked why do I not have an account?
How did I get the modem?
Ho did I get a technician to come out 2 times on Friday?
When I was informed I do not have an account with Centurylink!
The issue is still not solved!
I blame Centurylink or hiring outside CSR’s!
Just to play “ECONOMICS!”
Don’t get me started!!
They failed 2 times to fulfill a “high dollar amt. order!
Anything above $100.00!
Scares them!
When it says? “Pick up today?”
Do not believe it!
What Walmart posts on its website.
That says it!
The items get shipped from across the USA!
So! Walmart is not better than the rest!
Just because! they (THINK) they have the lowest prices?
If you some shopping for yourself?
You can find better buys than Walmart!


Having been transplanted here!

With Cleveland?

The places you want to go to are within walking distance.


You have to have a mode of transportation to get there and back.

From day 1!

Aside from people who have mental problems!

The people here are quite nice.

They are not in a hurry for anything.

I have always been alone.

So very used to no help from anyone.

People here help you out as best they can.

It’s a quiet place where I live.

The people I  have met here?

Thre are some with mental problems.



It seems like I can concentrate on my ills & me!

It beat living in a homeless shelter!




About how far we have come?


Record players, vinyl, cassettes, quad, cd’s, back to vinyl again.

The internet has replaced most things.

It was said?

The internet will replace books.

Not so much!

It brought us back to home due to internet shopping.


The slow closures of brick & mortar stores. The possibilities of unemployment. And our jobs being eliminated! To fulfillment & delivery drivers.


In the ’60s! We thought that? The way we were going to?

We would see the 4-day work week.

Even congress tried the idea!

The jury is still out on that one!

The world saw our weaknesses when the so-called Arab oil embargo happened!

It only got worse!

The “Cabbage patch dolls?”

The Iran hostage crises, Jonestown massacre,

Remember? Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on!”

When you’re in a homeless shelter you?

Don’t know what to do what to say how to say it.

Because you’re dealing with a mixed bag of mentalities and attitudes mostly narcissist!

The food and the coffee is so way below substandard so way Philip are pets of people in management would not even to their own familyz friends, loved one or even their own pets!

As a homeless person you’re not treated as a human being!

Just another warm body!

They provide you with the basics food needless to say, shelter drafty AF, and finding other organizations to provide food for the residents on holidays.

Always maintain a low key low profile, out of sight out of mind mentality and attitude!

you will get treated nothing more nothing less than a warm body not at the living breathing thinking human being none whatsoever!

it does not matter if you like them or not it is a matter of getting along with anyone and everyone there!

Living at home vs a homeless shelter AKA communal living is so very drastically different!

The ones that are there cannot tell the difference either!

What are your vices, habits, addictions are?

From the time you fill out the paperwork drop them ASAP post haste!

Because the homeless shelter expects you to have the necessary money to find another place to live!

Especially if you run into narcissist!

You’re screwed in more ways than one!

Remember what I said about mentalities, attitudes?

With the many gigs, and side economy’s?

Even for homeless people this is a starting point!

but even those at the homeless shelter cannot understand or comprehend such a thing!

Many are there of their own choosing unbeknownst to them!

Others through no fault of their own!

Other through foolish spending!

I thought you cannot tell them that!

From where I was at?

If it was through food spending, feeding their vices, habit, addictions!

It’s easy to spend money so very easy to spend money! Especially with no such thinking at all!

Depending upon the laws of where you live?

This is Matt a hotel Hilton,!

Nor is this the super 8!

“This is not a block party make it on your own!”

Things, people and situations can be different!

It’s all a matter of if you let them be?



In the wake of this past wknds. acts of terrorism.

To me, It just seems we are on the receiving end of people who have either?

Mental problems? Or? The need to “fit in”, belonging in something?

Or sympathizers.

It could man? They can not make any sense of the world.

Some people are equipped to make it in the world.

Or? It is a call for help! We have been told that: “If you seek help?” “It is a sign of Weakness!”

Getting mental help! It is even more expensive!

Here they are! Damm if you do! Damm if you don’t!

If we see the look in their eyes! With there eys not quite right!

This could be a starting point for help.


It has gotten to where? We all have to think 2 X’s before we go anywhere!

And Should we carry weapons when we do?

In time! It will eliminate unarmed security guards!

People being checked/scanned before going into any building.

There was a song called: American city suite by Cashman & West.

There’s a line in the song that goes: “something is wrong here!” “it doesn’t belong here!” “People are locking themselves behind their own 4 walls!”



40 days there?

It has changed me!

For the better? Too early to tell.

I do know

I have to be really careful when it comes to money. I can’t spend like I used to! Trying to stay ahead is the thing. Making wise decisions. Thinking what & how to do it!

All I had on my mind was?

Just getting out of there!

Some changes need to be made!

Being 64

Yes!  They have to be made!

No one wants to repeat the past!






The people!

All different kinds, types of people!

One is a narcissist! Who has his eyebrows plucked! Is a “toilet freak!” & gay!

There are others!

There was a woman who pretended to be christian!  But was a

There were plenty of narcissists! To go around!

The food!

Like? How many times can you recycle “Fried Chicken”?

Some of the food was so close to being expired! That some of it tasted rancid!

The shelter could not care less!

The foods that are donated? The employees get 1st. crack at it!

You always had chores to do.

Even most of them were to keep the place clean. It still remains so very dirty!

Living in a dorm room!

Some if not most men. clash with others especially when it comes to trying to sleep!

It is a humbling experience!