Mine was “Lima beans!”

No taste at all!

If you put butter on them?

Not bad!

My mom always tried to make sure. I liked some veg.

I think it was even then!

Kids had a thing against “green stuff!”

Too many sci-fi movies!

Or other kids informed them about it!






It was around the late 80’s- early 90’s.

I took my 1st. trip on ane airplane.

I got in, sat down, buckled in, took off!

When the plane took off?

I thought to myself”Think of it as giant farris wheel!”


But! While flying. One of the plane’s wings were flapping while in flight.

The attendant said it was nothing.

This was at night!

I did it again in the daytime. Very different!

As a kid?

I would look up every time! I heard/seen a plane fly above.

I always wondered? “What it would it be like?”

Now! I know!


I remember?

Taking the bus downtown.

In that old beige and yellow buses. Some bus drivers let me empty the farebox, which was a fun thing to do.

The thing that got me the most was? Taking the subway ( we call it? The “Rapid”).

In the winter. the sound of the rapid riding the rails. Always! In the winter I heard that “Roaring sound”.

They sold tickets, transfers to go from one bus/rapid to another.

There was a time when?

Bus/rapid drivers make change. After too many robberies. It became “exact fare”.

Teenagers! I would sit in the back and either use a magic marker and write crap! Or cut the seats.

Then the company bought hard plastic seats. To keep them from cutting in.

They still wrote!

Then the company bought “luxury buses!”. These had to air-condition, reclining seats.

Only people who went to Cedar point got to ride them. Now! People who live either in the suburbs or near the county line.

They had buses that went to the zoo!

Kids who got on board? Got a box of” animal crackers!”

When my mom worked in Shaker Hts.!

I went to work with her at times.

While waiting for the Shaker Hts. rapid?

I got to see where they put the old rapid trains. It was weird!

They shard some of the public transportation tracks.

There was one area that? If the electrical rod on the train jumped!

The motorman had to go out and put the rod back on thack.

It went from the eastside of Cleveland. to about woodland ave.

Then you went into an area called?

Shaker square/ Shaker ht. did not begin at Shaler square!

You were still in Cleveland.

Shaker Hts. Started 500ft. away.

Then! The scenery changed!

I think it was mostly for business people and domestic enginers/


I’m not quite sure?

But! I notice some kids from the eastside of Cleveland, Were going to Shaker Hts. schools!

This was years before busing was implemented.

NOW! The buses & rapids have changed but not by much!


I’m watching the news and they showed the downtown skyline.

So many lights!

Reflected on the cloud cover above.

It all started when I think we were the first city in the country that began. Using lights to highlight/showoff. The buildings. I can remember the downtown streetlights not being as bright as they are today.

Does it say anything? About how life & times have changed dramatically? It cannot be anything positive.

When I was growing up!

The only thing that was bright was?

The steel slag being poured to make steel during the night. How the slag reflected in the night sky.


It is amazing!

That over the years. We did not think anything about it!

Here we are!

Talking about climate change, global warming, the ozone layer.

Little to nothing!

It is being done about it!

Big business, Government. They are to blame!

Profit before health!



Most of us know about “the river that burned!”

The Cuyahoga river!

Because of waste dumping. From ships as well.

And Trump wants to get rid of the EPA?



vehicular homemade

(In Ohio! OVI means “Operating a vehicle impaired”)

It’s amazing!

How we think, feel, believe.

When we get drunk!!

We are? “invincible” behind the wheel!

There are people who have more points on their license!

That is still driving!

The court system needs an overhaul badly!

Judges know the law! But circumvent it!

It’s similar to gun control!

Both have more than enough laws to them.

But! Are they enforced?

Hardly! If ever!

We should monitor judges, our lawmakers!

Making sure!

They have us!

In their minds!

1 Problem with that?


Among us!


Anyone! Who runs for office?

Should be held responsible/accountable for their platform(s).

For judges?

The decisions they make while on the bench.

There are some people?

That ignores their suspension driving privileges.

A dam if you do! Damm if you don’t!











It was 1966!

When I heard it.

The sound, music, words!

Different than anything I ever heard.

I was 10 yrs. old back then.

The group itself! Was different!

Years Later?

They came out with?

“Everything that touches you!”

Another knockout for me!

The same as before!

Love it!

What was your favorite song/group/artist growing up?

Ed Ames ” my cup runneth over”

When he held on to that last note for so long!!!!!!!


Mason Williams!

Classical gas!

It even had us kids hooked?

Wipeout by the Safaris!

The most imtated 🥁!

Syndacate of sound hey little girl!


I hope to update this as time goes by!

Making money?

Yes! We all have to work for the money!

Here’s the thing!

When we were growing up!

All we wanted was to get that 1st. job.

When we do get our 1st. job?

We tend to plant roots there. Not thinking about tomorrow, the future. We think: “I’ll get to it!” “When I get to it!” Do we? “NO!” And that’s as far as it goes!

There’s a difference between? A job? And a career?

Two ways of looking at this!

A job is something you don’t want to do!

A career is something you do want to do!


A job? Is where all your thinking is done for you!

A career? It is where you think for yourself!

No. 3!

A job? Is? it is more mental!

Now! You know where the song “Old man river” came from?

When we were young?

We wanted to be?

This! That!

What happened?

We got sidetracked!

That PT job?

Became a full-time job!

While we are young!

We should be considering our future. Not the “here and now!”

When we do get that 1st. job?

We should be thinking?

Retirement funds!

SSI will be depleated by the time you get that job!

Second income!

It is something to consider.

But! Don’t make it an income that you get used to.

Think of it as a “side-income!”

A rainy day fund. For repairs, improvements, micro-investing.

I have seen!

People of all ages!

Living in a transient facility.

Wrong move(s), did not see it coming!

You have to think?

More than one job!

You can’t stay with one job! There maybe no employment there.


Make the money work for you!

Not so much “you working for the money!”


Is an easy way to invest for the everyday worker.

Learn the basics!

And continue to learn as you go along!

Look for high yield savings accounts!

Most are online banks.

Ever notice the difference? Between? Brick & mortar banks?

And online banks?

The APY is higher!

IF you want to start out on the low end of investing?

Start out with online savings banks.


We wanted to be this! That!

What happened?

We got sidetracked!



This article about Bush & DeGeneres!

It is a bitway too much!

Is it because?

It makes the news? Fmr. politician Vs. entertainer?

Hinting at? “This makes strange bedfellows?”


I wish?

There are people in the world that have learned how to’s!

Better than some of us.


Some people have that  “Gift of gab!”

Some don’t.

I read a book about making friends.

It talked about liking the other person first.

Which got me to understand what Will Rodger’s said: “I never met a (person) I did not like”!

It was because he learned to like the other [erson first.

If? You do run into a [persom that does not like you?

Remember! The problem is with them! Not you!

As long as you did not do anything wrong?

At times? It can be hard to make friends.

There are circumstances that do happen in a person’s life.


We all know! There are things in our life that do not go the way it should.

The same holds true for others.

It does take time!
























The reason I did not post number is?

I did not know? How many things about property values there are!

I knew a guy that was what I call a “street bully!”

Because? He always said: “My house looks nice!” he did not want any vehicle parked in front of his house.

He would threaten anyone! Who parked in front of it!

To call the police and say “Is been here for 2 weeks!”

When it was not!

But! He did not have a problem when he parked his dirty flatbed truck in front of it!

Don’t you just hate “Narcissist?”

They will do anything! Just to get attention!

Even the stupidest things!

There are other things. that can bring property value down?

Zoning laws, Living next to a junkyard, Your house does not look similar to the other houses in your area.


Leaves! Do not bring down property values!

If you still think so?

What about?



















I see so many people wearing them.

What if? Your watch strap, mechanism broke/malfunctioned?

And you had to go without it?

In some ways?

You feel naked!

You have gotten so very used to wearing it.


I myself!

I did not wear one until my cell phone began eating away battery life.

Then I decided to buy one.

It only cost me?

$4.00 USD.

Before? I used to just look at my phone for the time.

it can become addictive!