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During this holiday season are we really taking care of the people who are less fortunate than us?

Need currently being in a transient facility. The people in the facility as well as I went to a church for Thanksgiving dinner Saturday.

Then a few days ago. We had two leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner.

That’s when I began to think?

Why do feed the less fortunate only around the holidays?

The Bible does it State give a man a of fish and feed himself for a day. Teach your man to fish and you feed himself for life.

Singing voice fortunate around the holidays does not teach the homeless how do you take care of themselves at all!

It’s just another way for religious facilities to try to squeeze in a little preaching and saving a few souls around holidays.

It’s like the old saying you can’t have one without the other!

People are both very cautious when it comes to in general religion and Christianity. Because it’s basically to each their own.

The volunteer van driver from the church that took us to Thanksgiving dinner. Also began his version of evangelizing!

More than likely?

Both sides were preaching to us so they can rack up points in heaven.

Just for the sake of a free meal? Person will enjoy your preaching ass and who’s preaching is going to get a lot of people converted to Christianity. So they think?

Learn something new!

It does not matter!

What it is!

I get emails from dictionary websites. With “word of the day!”

I may not use it.

It beats not knowing!

Don’t restrict yourself.

If the card world does not want to know?

Let them be!