After being “forced out” for no reason!

I’m trying to figure out what’s next for me?

Should I stay? or should I go?

It takes 2-3 times my ssi to move from one place to another. Lucky I got this hotel. It’s like around $48.00 per night. In a way I am complaining! In a way I’m not!

For me? It’s just like doing this all over again with her and the kids when they were small. Living out of motels from here {Cleveland} to Connecticut.

The difference? It’s just me.



Since last saturday!

The stay here was good!

Sort of?

The cable in each room? Very ltd.

The wi-fi?

I swear! I am still using “Dial-up!”

In the vack, thee is an old, rusted out van they used to use.

Junk it? Or donate it?

There are some employees who are rude, nasty to the guest.

they have 2 coffee machines!

One is still flashing “RED” since I got here! The name on the machine is

Housekeeping does a great job!

It’s worth staying here a few nights.

You stay here longer?


Learn what you want to learn and what interests you!

Disregard the others!

This is very important!

I’m sure there’s not a person among us.

That wants to learn something on their own but?

They’re concerned about what the others may think, feel, believe and say.

As the old saying goes:”do you want to look back at your life and say I should have, I would have, I could have! But I did not!

I was a shipper at a printing company. My mom allowed me to invest in mutual funds.

I started bringing in in general financial publications.

My co-workers would ask me why do you bringing all these financial publications for?

I said because I wanted to learn the financial world.

And overtime I did.

At the time with the wsj. As I read some of their articles. I did not understand one of the words that they used. All I had to do was just continue reading the article I would find the definition to that word.

It’s nothing hard! It’s nothing difficult! It’s nothing complex!

It’s all a matter of doing what you want to do. What interest you. Even what you’re curious in?

Keep in mind canyons of the cheapest commodities in the world!


Where would we be without it?

A business cannot survive without it!

TV shows cannot live without it!

We cannot live without it!


I would have to say ever since grade school. Gossip has always been a part of our lives.

Gossip can be humorous and at the same time dangerously devastating!

It all depends upon the giver and the receiver, the subject and the topic?

Even in business little do we know that?

There are gossip carriers among us.

Talk about a social butterfly?

It can come out of sheer boredom, curiosity, revenge!

Gossip can hurt people as well as hurt any business.

But even in business there are some business owners they really don’t care one way or the other as far as reviews, walking advertisements.

As the old saying goes?

“Think before you speak!”

Smoking cigarettes

When I was a security guard.

I would stand outside in the morning, and see people scrounge for a cigarette butt in the outdoor ashtray that they thought it was still decent enough to smoke!

No matter how short the cigarette butt was! At least to them there was still a few Puffs at last to enjoy.

It’s one thing to quit smoking on your own!

It’s another to have it enforced upon you!

I knew an employer. Just because he was the president of a company he quit smoking.

He feels if he could inflict upon everyone else in the building to do the same. even offered to pay a percentage with the health insurance for these smoking cessation kits. There were no takers.

Before the Ohio no smoking law was implemented.

Restaurants. Had a Booming business

the thing that gets to me about restaurants is how they handle smoking and non-smoking customers?

When even are itself circulates within any structure even restaurants!

I after the no smoking law was passed.

Restaurants suffered in more ways than one!

The thing that I don’t understand is?

Why have a section in the restaurant called no smoking? Aa if the cigarette smoke or tobacco smoke stays in one place because the Management’s designated this specific area to be the smoking section?

And the tobacco smoke is going to remain stagnant in that place?

People who refuse to quit smoking we’ll take let’s just say extra brakes while on the clock just a sneak a toke or more.

Why are you freeze your nothing’s off all for the sake of a smoke?

I know what I said!

There are about four subjects that you really don’t want to talk about.

Religion, politics, abortion, gun control.

What I see shooters all around us either taking out their frustrations, getting even or it’s their psychological way of calling for help.

Simply because? We have all been told that if we call out for help due to whatever our psychological problems are? It means a sign of weakness.

I’ve heard that in Australia!

There are no guns at all!

Now if we only can make it come true here.

There is one problem when it comes to gun control?

There are more than enough laws at each and every level of government there’s only law enforcement would enforce those laws among others?

Let’s say we did eliminate guns in the USA?

That still leaves the black market to flourish as it always has.

Don’t owners, gum collectors, gun manufacturers, it wouldn’t even surprise me none whatsoever if some of our congressmen and women are all four guns or are all for having guns for the sake of hunting!

And we have our gun lobbyist! To get in the way!

Over the many years!

The human mind has weakened.

We can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction.

Rap hip hop versus reality.

Both parents as well as a single parent are not alone in the blame game itself!

Parenting always has been and always will be?

A full-time job within itself as well!

When and where will it end?

Inconsistency in our local school system

I never really gave it much thought while I was going through the local school system in the number of inconsistent teachers/ principles for that matter.

Each teacher had his or her own way of conducting and controlling if not manipulating and dominating their classroom!

Teacher is dependent on the yardstick for swating their students were not conforming in complying to what they want!

In some ways looking back it just seems like conformity would be a lot better then inconsistencies among teachers and principals and yes even a local school board.

It just seems me all the school system is concerned about is?

You got a degree? You got a license to teach? We got just the school for you!

There should be a psychological test to find out how stable/volatile your mind really is?

I’m sure there’s not a kid or an adult sometime or another when they went to school?

There was not a teacher we all thought was really off his or her rocker!

I heard some former students of a specific teacher would come in with a small block of wood and ask the teacher would you like me to make a paddle out of it? And the teacher said yes! Butt holes in it!

I seen a teacher use the yardstick to swat a student and the yardstick broke!

Or perhaps there should be a psychological test every semester use that as a pay grade.

I also wonder if these teachers ever decided to become a teacher if they were doing it for?

The money? Or because they love working with kids?

I still say the inconsistencies among teachers are mostly nothing more nothing less than bragging rights to tell other teachers look how well my class is?

There was only one school that was really fun to be in. There were a few bad teachers in the bunch.

Or when I got into junior high school?

It was a motherfuker!

When you were growing up!

Do you remember your very first haircut?

In the beginning my mom used to cut my hair.

One day in the Tremont area she took me to a barber shop. For the first time!

I cried my eyes out!

Every time he use the electric clippers he would pull away real hard!

And my parents and my half-sister to tell me what’s wrong what’s the problem I said it hurts the barber said no it doesn’t!

From that time my mom cut my hair. We returned back to the Tremont area to live in what was called the projects aka subsidized public housing.

I want to a barber shop up the street called Sam’s Barber Shop and that was the most delightful experience of all

Then I move away from Cleveland to live in Connecticut and I still want to the same barbershop every time we went back home to Cleveland to visit our family.

My son’s turn to get a haircut I want to watch how’s the barber cut men’s hair.

I went to some other barber shop on we moved into the stockyard area of Cleveland Ohio.

I said see how he does it. My son said yes.

And it was his turn he liked it.

What can I say?

She had a better experience than I did!

Consumer review of businesses in Cleveland Ohio

JJ’s grab & go

On West 130th Street

Anytime you use whatever type of credit card? I used to charge you $0.50 as they called a “transaction fee!”

Now that you’re active up to $1.10 transaction fee.

It is a merchant/owner of the store the pays for any all credit card fees not the customer!

It is just their way of trying to squeeze in more profit for the owner!

It is the only store in town that does such a hideous thing!

Lou’s mini Mart on West 130th

This is one of only a few stores that will not accept credit cards of any kind or type!

However they have an unknown ATM machine!

And they do accept EBT cards! The owner wit short you on occasions by not giving you the change back!

And he sells beer &Soda that are past the expiration date!

Any charges $3 more for a 2 l soda of any brand vs. the competition down the street!

U.S. Bank on Puritas Avenue

This is where 4 bicthes work at!

One of the tellers shorted me $50!

They love messing around with their customers and think nothing of it!

The assistant manager tries to pretend subtly and discreetly as if she is the branch manager!

Family Dollar on Puritas Avenue in Puritas Park

When you try to swipe your card in their device it does not ask you what language English or Spanish you only have one choice Spanish! Thea cashier as dumb as the device!

Ann’s beverage on Lorain Avenue

If you go there for the first time and you use your credit card?

They will not hit the payment button on the register. They will give you back your card and say: “your card was declined!”

But when you go back to her the second time nobut when you go back to her the second time no problem

But if you go back there a second time and use the same card no problem!