Once in awhile do empty your cellphone

Even I am faced with every once in awhile. Chewy the backup and reset or just reset my phone.

Because every once in awhile I get a notification on my phone that says “not enough space!”

And that’s when I have to empty all my apps and start right back to square one.

If you don’t have to do Westchester for now on LG cell phone models?

Do a switch as they call it from one LG phone to another.

When you do reset your phone, try to go for cleaners and antivirus apps first! You’re that much further ahead.

Yes I know it’s a pain but yet at the same time to it’s either once you get your notification about not enough space. Are neither backup and or reset?

Or keep getting notifications of not enough space!

I find that you just don’t overdo it when it comes to the various apps that are available. Just basically download the apps that you need.

And every once in a while use your cleaning apps and also run an anti-virus scan.

Even with my mobile version of Google chrome? I leave all my autofill data and my sign-in information in place.

It is still best to write down your sign-in information and your password, I don’t always change your password often.

In the words of Kim komando?

“changing passwords is like flossing we know we should!”

“but most of us don’t!”

Do you remember your first taste of Candy?

My first taste of candy was introduced to me by my two half sisters my first piece of candy was bubblegum!

That’s what I’m Topps bazooka and double bubble only cost one penny. Little did I know that there was also find flat pieces of bubblegum which Indian side rapper had a temporary tattoo!

You just look a spot on your arm slap your tattoo and place keep it still all I was going to get very blurry.

From bham to 3 minutes and lift up when you got yourself a temporary tattoo.

Not like today!

I remember during the summer and the fall there was wax lips, wax mustache, wax buck teeth!

There was sports trading cards as well. I can remember at the time when JFK was assassinated that was also trading card pictures of JFK the Hyannis Port Mansion among other things.

We had a Saturday afternoon sci-fi movie Holes but I’ll name of ghoulardi!

And there were trading cards of that as well!

It just seemed like during the mid-sixties, it was like a steady stream of various candies brought to market.

Who could forget regal crown sours? Adams sour fruit flavored gum?

Hotshot cinnamon candy? Cinnamon toothpicks.

Milk-a-nip a little cheerio carton that contain five different flavors for a nickel. Pretzel rods for a nickel.

Those were the days!

Do you remember the first time you ever rode anyting all of them a baby buggy and A stroller?

Other than the tricycle. I can remember when my parents bought me my first two wheeled bike with training wheels. I didn’t understand a thing of what you were telling me.

Then when my two sisters ran off and got married. I got one of their bicycles. The damn thing was almost bigger than me!

I did manage to break into the hand-me-down bicycle what that was like maybe two to three years later.

Then and later years!

I finally got a 10 speed bike and my so-called competitor Glen it got a little jealous, envious, all of me. Because I am 10 speed and he only had a 3 speed mine was higher than his.

I can remember when my two sisters gave me I wasn’t even moved 4 years old at the time their pair of roller skates.

Man did I break out into a sweat! I can understand you in at 4 years old. what being on metal roller skates was really all about?

Put the skates on me and try to get me to stand up when you spent a great deal of your growing up learning how to walk and I’m learning how to run the last thing you would ever need is to put on a pair of metal roller skates!

Since when was never really truly a friend in the fullest sense of the word. My ten-speed and I we went a lot of places when I told him of the places I went again he got jealous and envious he didn’t want to be outdone!

All things considered because he was basically and overdosing narcissist!

They don’t want to be one of them are down they want to be one or more really comes to the people that they know.

But I had fun!

I did a lot of things on my own and I learned how to have fun on my own all by myself as well.

When you’re on your wrong and you only have your bicycle?

That bicycle can be more than just a vehicle sort of.

There can be more than a friend because a bicycle can take you places where you want to go you’re in control nobody else tells you what to do or how to do it!

What makes classic movie channel popular?

I think it’s because nowadays Hollywood believes that if there is no violence of any kind or type the movie is going to bomb!

But also the classic movies do give us a little bit of an inside at women’s fashion men’s fashions interior decorating at the time.

Especially with Turner classic movies and movies TV network they do give us a little bit of an inside look into the movie stars of the past.

The best part of watching classic movies. I’m still in awe! And how Hollywood during the time of black and white movies. Work with the many shades of grey. The lighting, position of the Stars.

I really have very little to say about classic movie channels moviestvnetwork. They do a pretty decent job I must say.

When will Hollywood wise up?

If you could have invite anybody! Who would you invite?

I think the first person on my list would be Abraham Lincoln. There was a guy that the word on his own. And if you ever seen any of the movies that were made of Abraham Lincoln? You’ll know why.

I think the next person would be JFK. Especially when he was in the Navy torpedo by the enimy. And some of the enlisted men who were on the boat. Said JFK’s boat was torpedoed said Kennedy should have done something ahead of time.

Next person would be Nikola Tesla. This was one very open-minded very free-thinking kind and type of guy. I had heard and I also read that at the time even the feds weren’t all that sure about him.

Unfortunately I think it’s a real humongous insult that Elam musk names his car company Tesla in honor of him?

I would love to invite stars who died tragically either are committing suicide or through something that was not of their control at all!

And would mostly be out of strictly curiosity that just to see if they knew quality content and type some kind of people they hung around with at the time of their living. Maybe write a book about it nothing scientific or medical!

Did they pick the right people or the wrong people pick them?

The only thing I’m not sure about is either to have my dinner party wet or dry?

Of course there will be plenty of food and plenty of non-alcoholic beverages then let’s see if they did come once they found out the dinner party would be wet or dry?

Of course you know the old saying? When the liquor goes in the truth comes out!.

But I think the one thing that would end up being most impressive is the fact that?

Each one of those gifts will have something to contribute to the other share if not swap stories!

To learn anything and everything you can about money, because after all it’s your money!

I would say the first time your parents or your family members ever giving you let’s say a penny or pennies nickel, dime, quarter. And should we be so lucky? A half dollar! From the time we make the money, we spend the money. That is the time that we should start thinking about investing.because the sooner you invest even when it comes to stocks bonds annuities even micro investing and yes retirement that much further ahead of you are from inflation, cost of living adjustment (cola).

As we grow up and grow older?

We should also learn how to spend our money wisely!

I heard it said and I do have to agree with it?

That is every payday. You should set aside a certain amount of money each pay. To pay yourself first! It’s in a way a reward to yourself to give to yourself!

But don’t go hog-wild with either if you have a girlfriend and you have kids or you have a wife or partner Partner have kids you have to take in to consideration those other people in your life.

Money itself can be intricate!

Time for those couples who do have kids?

To the parents? Don’t get into your children’s piggy bank either!

Because when you do such a thing? You’re defeating not only their purpose but also your purpose and your purpose is to teach your kids how to save/invest.

When we get our first job all all concerned about is having money in our pockets Mode of transportation and finding out which place is the best place to hang out!

When I get my first job I’m going to have me some fun!

But at the same time you do lose track of why you are working for the money?

You get so used to having fun each and every payday you lose track of any and all sense of time.

In due time you’ll find yourself in a rut as the old saying goes? Failure to plan means you’re planning to fail!

Each and everyone of us!

It should be our objective, goal our mission in life is not to be cheapskate tightwad tight ass people because even going that route you also end up in a rut as well instead of living comfortably or you’re not being extremely tight wad of person but at the same time to unite living in a luxury type of life and lifestyle either.

To always know quality versus quantity. And I’m sure there’s every single American who clips coupons. Is it all right to say as a hobby/interest?

If you happen to live within an area were you can also get out of town if not out-of-state Sunday papers you’re even that much further ahead!

Like when my family and I were living in the state of Connecticut. There was a 7-Eleven that carries not only in the state of Connecticut the local newspaper but also New York City newspapers as well.

The only difference between the state of Connecticut major city newspapers are New York City newspapers?

The New York City newspapers had coupons for a certain number of cents off and the Connecticut Sunday newspapers the difference was between the two $0.25.

even the store managers informed their cashiers year personal State doing double off coupons to don’t accept coupons that were $1 and over. To always accept coupons that are 99 cents. That went over like a ton of bricks!

You don’t always have to go to the closest supermarket to do your grocery shopping her at the same time to you also have to figure out if it’s all worth it the girl from one supermarket who had good deals on some items or another supermarket you have some good deals on other items.because of the burning of the gas and the fluids and then wear and tear on your vehicle is also the time to take into consideration.

Happy coupon-clipping!

As time goes on.

I hope to come up with some ideas and suggestions on how to save money like this one?

I’ve learned this from an electrician.

He informed me by unplugging any and all items that you are currently not using you will see such a reduction in your electric bill.

Of course we do have to leave essentials basically the refrigerator the cable box the modems/routers.

Basically it’s the item that you are not using that specific moment.

I know there are people that think by using timers they’re still saving money. In having them connected to their lamps there are saving money on the contrary!

Your timer also consumes electricity as well.

I have one comment that I posted of YouTube who says there is no such thing as he put it?

“phantom electricity!”

There are devices that can be bought basically at home improvement stores. They can actually show you how much electricity is still flowing to your devices and appliances that you have plugged in and turned off

Some of us do know that for a fact some of us really don’t believe it. Simply because we have been brought up to believe that when we turn things off no electricity is flowing through a device or appliance when those items are turned off.

Just try to watching TV in the dark can also have a significant impact on your electric bill. Since we are into Indian summer leave your windows open a little bit not a lot just a little if you’re one that loves cool air at night.

Another tip is?

To some it may seem very unheard of.

This can apply to any liquid your detergent or fabric softener liquid, body wash, body gel, shampoo.

Turn on the bottle upside down! And you don’t have to overdo it when it comes to dishwashing detergent body washes so on. You just might be surprised cutting back just a little not a lot just a little in your usage of body washes and shampoos. When you turn your bottles upside down. You are utilizing the contents inside the container.

Those of you who have these space heaters fan type of space heaters that is. Try putting a pedestal fan in front of it. It does spread the heat from your space heater that much more quicker. Of course when we go shopping for electronic devices and what have you!

We always have to look for the energy star energy efficient devices.

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I would be scared beyond excrement if I rode in one

BBC News – What happens if you fall asleep in a self-driving car?

Even even when I first heard of it!

I I did not like it. Because I know they’re going to be some shortcomings from Any type for kind of vehicle.

A a self-driving car/vehicle?

No no sooner or later I found out there was an accident thought about buy a self-driving vehicle.

It it does need some work!

Cleveland Union terminal

I still believe!

At the time we are the only city. I guess in our own way we let it be known to both the commuter locally and also the commercial railroad passenger who will arrive in Cleveland.

At the Time! Fred Harvey restaurant, gift shop, lounge, newsstand.

Just within Cleveland Union terminal alone!

There was a uso, men’s room next to that was a barber shop, railroad ticket counter. And a place where the track announcer would announce over the PA system what train would be arriving at what gate you had to go downstairs to like the basement in order catcher train both commercial passenger and also public transportation Subway, what we here in Cleveland call rapid Transit.

I can remember having lunch with my mom at Fred Harvey’s acorn room which was a buffet-style restaurant and they always had this huge roast beef. I can remember mostly on Fridays we went there for there fried fish. There was one time the chef came up with something called shrimp thermidor! And went over like a ton of bricks!

Next door to the acorn room was Fred Harvey’s English oak room a little more sophisticated dining restaurant.

The gift shop also contain a little snack bar as well as gifts for travelers to take home to their families if they were out of town or out of state.

They also had what they called a satellite snack bar which was kind of across from the Fred Harvey gift shop.

Facing the satellites snack bar to the left was a bakery to the right was the Fred Harvey choo choo lounge.

Next to the bakery was where we clevelanders would grab our rapid transit trains to go east or west bound. Next to it was a self-serve delicatessen.

There was a very unique Ford’s time especially during that time! when does self-serve delicatessen was closed they would put a gate all around it and on Wknds no shutters were needed because of The Life and times the way we were at that time.

There was also another newsstand next to the shoe repair and shoe shine Shop I’m not sure if it was a part of a Fred Harvey family of companies or not.

Little did I know until we have a public transportation strike. That where the old post office used to be. There was a parking garage that led to Cleveland Union terminal.

But then there was another area order where there was a secondary entrance for the rapid transit.

There were like basically for marble ramps there always are a type of incline so in the winter time you really had a hold on to those steel rails otherwise you would slip all the way down. On one side where’s the Fred Harvey gift shop where I was he has your coin operated I guess you could say footlocker’s if you wanted to store something way like a suitcase or something they had coin operated lockers. And I’m next to that was a Fanny Farmer candy store. Across from that was another snack bar next door to that was a I’m not shop various types of nuts they would Rose and salt and sell them.

There was another Fred Harvey newsstand and I’ll never forget every time there was a new issue of Playboy that came out they would get 2 huge stacks of copies of Playboy magazine. Apparently at that time when it was a dollar an issue. I can remember some business which stop by and be nonchalant about it. They would open up the magazine and check out the centerfold. Close the centerfold back and go on their way.

The Fred Harvey newsstand also carry not only magazines and also the local newspapers but on the other side of news then they would sell out-of-town newspapers in various type of national, tabloid newspapers. As well as paperback books. Across from the paperback for crack there was the higbeecompany bookstore next to that was the higbee company shoe repair and shoe shine shop next door to each other. And there was also another bakery right across from the newsstand.

To my knowledge it was the only place where public transportation commuters or commercial railroad travelers would want to check out the department store the higbee company had its budget basement and a couple of rotating doors you when went through the rotating doors you were in the higbee budget basement. You could go up the escalators and check out the the normal merchandise they sold.

When you walked up these ramps and you turn to your right you’ll be on the street level on the higbee company turn to your left there was a bank a little further down there was the transit bar, and you can also go up to the observation deck terminal tower, and you can also enter at the time the Sheraton Cleveland hotel.

I’ve been to the observation deck of the terminal tower there’s basically one story under the top of the terminal tower. on one side you can see the many different interstate highways from the observation deck they look like nothing more nothing less than a bunch of ribbons interchanging with each other.

Fred Harvey pulled out from the terminal Left both newsstands in place.

In place of the acorn room it became a McDonald’s

Commercial railroad faded away Amtrak came up with a different location for Cleveland passengers.

It was the early to mid 80s when things began to change.

In the 90s the city decided to overhaul the terminal. And it was like a mall with different shops And about 5 theaters.

When tower City basically came in? The Higbee company which later became Dillard’s folded. When the May Company later became Kauffman’s folded!

Now! The city wants to turn tower City into a high-tech hub.

It’s amazing!

The Life and times the way they were back then verses the time the city converted from terminal into are you shopping mall.

It is truly amazing how things change over time!

Royal castle vs. White Castle

There was a time here in Cleveland Ohio USA.

We had a couple of restaurants one of them was tasty burger and the other one was most widely known as royal castle!

Royal castle was widely known at least locally. For their small hamburgers. Which were identical to the White Castle burgers, referred to as sliders.

The only difference was the Royal Castle burgers were small and round and for us guys two bites! And the burger is gone!

When White Castle opened up its first store on the west side. There was a line of vehicles as far as the eye could see!

Some if not most of us heard about the size of White Castle hamburgers. It was strictly because White castle’s sliders what is reminiscence a little bit to Royal Castle hamburgers.

White Castle expanded in the Cleveland area during that time but it also acquired churches fried Chicken.

Burgers and fried chicken?

The formula to Church’s fried Chicken was the same. But when churches was a separate franchise. It also had Cajun Rice. White Castle did not.

But sometime during the great recession! The people at White Castle decided to close up what they call “non-performing stores”.

We had fun while it lasted!

Where were you during 9/11?

This question has got the rank right up there the same as where were you when you heard JFK was assassinated?

At the time of 911? I was working. When one of the co-workers told me that a commercial plane hit one of the twin towers.

A few minutes later the same forever told me another plane hit the other twin towers.

I can remember during lunch time I went outside just to see if anything was happening? It was absolute dead silence! No cars on the street. It was so quiet you thought that it was Sunday morning!

When I got home I hit the internet went to USA today. Apparently! Theit machines must have hit the mega overload! Every time I tried to go back to usatoday.com. It would give me past editions of USA today not one for 9/11.

All of the networks just kept talking about it perhaps one or two networks did show a replay of what happened. I can say that all of the networks we’re being way too sensitive when it came to showing anything that was related to 9 / 11.

I think it is safe to say even to this day it’s hard for me to even imagine let alone think of the massive loss of lives on that day.

You do have to give some credit to Mayor Rudolph Giuliani mayor of New York. He did try to spend as much time trying to recover bodies from the tragedy.

I think it’s safe to say that even onto the day and into the future?

He will always be remembered but also so he will not be forgiven and trying to recover every last body that was in the 9/11 in the twin towers at the time.