This is about me!! Who pays his rent! In full! Way beyond on time! But! mgt. wanted me out! While? Other tenants who “shotty” in doing what I always have done! Late with the rent! I did what the others do! Except one! The “music critique!”AKA the waterboy! Who works for the city water Dept.Continue reading “INCOME PROPERTY OWNERS! DON’T LIKE TENANTS WHO KNOW THE LANDLORD/TENANT LAWS!”


I’m watching the news and they showed the downtown skyline. So many lights! Reflected on the cloud cover above. It all started when I think we were the first city in the country that began. Using lights to highlight/showoff. The buildings. I can remember the downtown streetlights not being as bright as they are today.Continue reading “POLLUTION!”


DISCRIMINATION? Speaking as an fmr. security guard! What we and others encounter? Is nothing but?  Overzealous wanna be {rent-a} cop. These people are scared “shitless!” about going down and taking the civil service exam. For one thing only? FAILURE!” No one wants to fail at anything! But these wannabe cops are!   YOU CAN’T BEContinue reading “DISCRIMINATION? RACISM?”

VAPING Vs. Cigarettes

VAPING VAPING 2 We don’t know any more about this than we do about cigarettes! I did not trust this from when I first heard about it. Why? Are we doing this? Because everyone else is? The old saying: “If everyone doused themselves with gas you would too?” I hate it when? People follow whatContinue reading “VAPING Vs. Cigarettes”

Smoking cigarettes

When I was a security guard. I would stand outside in the morning, and see people scrounge for a cigarette butt in the outdoor ashtray that they thought it was still decent enough to smoke! No matter how short the cigarette butt was! At least to them there was still a few Puffs at lastContinue reading “Smoking cigarettes”

Consumer review of businesses in Cleveland Ohio

JJ’s grab & go On West 130th Street Anytime you use whatever type of credit card? I used to charge you $0.50 as they called a “transaction fee!” Now that you’re active up to $1.10 transaction fee. It is a merchant/owner of the store the pays for any all credit card fees not the customer!Continue reading “Consumer review of businesses in Cleveland Ohio”

So you want to start your own business?

First question to ask yourself is why? There is nothing easy about running a business. You have to be able to approach people. And you also have to know the right things to say! People want to be coaxed into doing something, This also applies to selling. How many times have heard people say:”someday I’mContinue reading “So you want to start your own business?”