I must be a narcissistic Magnet!

As far back elementary School. As far back as my classmates I found that even be to have the humble beginnings of narcissism. The best slash or worst of them all for the kid named Danny Rayburn. He hated me since the first day of kindergarten. I said or did nothing at all to himContinue reading “I must be a narcissistic Magnet!”

Cutting the cord or? There must be something better than cable!

Techdirt: Charter Spectrum Once Again ‘Competes’ By… Raising Prices. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20190828/08453242874/charter-spectrum-once-again-competes-raising-prices.shtml There there was a time in the prehistoric era! When cable first start out it was an antenna service. Who would have thought that cable would have grown to be this big? I can remember when it was an antenna service It was first introducedContinue reading “Cutting the cord or? There must be something better than cable!”