Learn something new!

It does not matter! What it is! I get emails from dictionary websites. With “word of the day!” I may not use it. It beats not knowing! Don’t restrict yourself. If the card world does not want to know? Let them be!


This is about me!! Who pays his rent! In full! Way beyond on time! But! mgt. wanted me out! While? Other tenants who “shotty” in doing what I always have done! Late with the rent! I did what the others do! Except one! The “music critique!”AKA the waterboy! Who works for the city water Dept.Continue reading “INCOME PROPERTY OWNERS! DON’T LIKE TENANTS WHO KNOW THE LANDLORD/TENANT LAWS!”


FRIENDSHIPS! This article about Bush & DeGeneres! It is a bitway too much! Is it because? It makes the news? Fmr. politician Vs. entertainer? Hinting at? “This makes strange bedfellows?” Or? I wish? There are people in the world that have learned how to’s! Better than some of us. HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH TOTALContinue reading “FRIENDSHIP(S)!”


PROPERTY VALUES PROPERTY VALUES PROPERTY VALUES PROPERTY VALUES The reason I did not post number is? I did not know? How many things about property values there are! I knew a guy that was what I call a “street bully!” Because? He always said: “My house looks nice!” he did not want any vehicle parkedContinue reading “PROPERTY VALUES! IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!”


In this subject? There are people who swear by them! What most either don’t know or don’t care about is? When we read them in whatever form. These are written using 12 midnight. So there is nothing specific about anyone. But! If one thing does happen? Then the reader is hooked on reading it everyContinue reading “WHY DO SOME OF US? BELIEVE IN THE ZODIAC/HOROSCOPES?”

I know what I said!

There are about four subjects that you really don’t want to talk about. Religion, politics, abortion, gun control. What I see shooters all around us either taking out their frustrations, getting even or it’s their psychological way of calling for help. Simply because? We have all been told that if we call out for helpContinue reading “I know what I said!”

On August 28th 2019 I took the plunge!

On that date I did something that I thought I would not even be able to accomplish! I started my own wordpress.com blog website! I’m still learning. In the beginning I almost abandon the whole thing. But I decided to just play it by ear! seat of the pants type of way to go. IContinue reading “On August 28th 2019 I took the plunge!”


Just about any kind or type of investing it’s easy to do. Especially nowadays with micro investing it’s even more easier to invest. If you learn the basics of investing? You’re that much further ahead! We all need to learn investing so that we can put our money to work instead of just we workingContinue reading “Investing!”

As parents, our job is to learn from our past and try not to repeat what our parents did to us and pass it on to our future generations

This is something that goes back way beyond history! Even our ancestors did not know much about child-raising. So they did the next best thing? Using common sense! That was common sense is what kept us safe! As we were also growing up? The things that we thought we would ask our parents permission on?Continue reading “As parents, our job is to learn from our past and try not to repeat what our parents did to us and pass it on to our future generations”