There’s talk again about a four-day work week!

Would a four-day work week be better for everyone? In in the seventies. There there was talk about a four-day work week. Working 10 hours a day either Monday through Thursday. Or having either Friday Saturday Sunday. Or have Saturday Sunday Monday off? What was the first round of time of the Arab oilContinue reading “There’s talk again about a four-day work week!”

Royal castle vs. White Castle

There was a time here in Cleveland Ohio USA. We had a couple of restaurants one of them was tasty burger and the other one was most widely known as royal castle! Royal castle was widely known at least locally. For their small hamburgers. Which were identical to the White Castle burgers, referred to asContinue reading “Royal castle vs. White Castle”

Childhood Memories

This is for the ones that have been born and raised if not spend time here in Cleveland Ohio USA Too many besides these Slavic village neighborhood. The Tremont area was another interesting area¬† neighborhood in the city. How to change even the Tremont area anything and everything you could have ever needed or wantedContinue reading “Childhood Memories”