On August 28th 2019 I took the plunge!

On that date I did something that I thought I would not even be able to accomplish! I started my own wordpress.com blog website! I’m still learning. In the beginning I almost abandon the whole thing. But I decided to just play it by ear! seat of the pants type of way to go. IContinue reading “On August 28th 2019 I took the plunge!”


Just about any kind or type of investing it’s easy to do. Especially nowadays with micro investing it’s even more easier to invest. If you learn the basics of investing? You’re that much further ahead! We all need to learn investing so that we can put our money to work instead of just we workingContinue reading “Investing!”

You don’t know what you can do? Until you go and do it!

This is something I learned from a information broker He was right! A lot of people only stick with one thing and one thing only.,Instead of just go and do it. Case in point! I worked at a industrial brush co. There was a electrician who got a 👎 job review. He got booted downContinue reading “You don’t know what you can do? Until you go and do it!”