It still amazes me! How people expect law enforcement to solve these and other crimes. Impossibile! Take any! Driveby shooting incident! More than likely. It was a “revenge” shooting. I doubt that! any shooting was by freakish chance.  Mistaken ID? hardly! Wrong house? Again! To the same! It has gotten to the point where? It’sContinue reading “DRIVEBY SHOOTINGS”

I know what I said!

There are about four subjects that you really don’t want to talk about. Religion, politics, abortion, gun control. What I see shooters all around us either taking out their frustrations, getting even or it’s their psychological way of calling for help. Simply because? We have all been told that if we call out for helpContinue reading “I know what I said!”

Tailgating at Cleveland Municipal parking lot

When it comes to tailgating before football game? Considering city of Cleveland implemented the rules for tailgating before a browns football game in 2015. The tailgaters are still popping their beer top lids! I think it’s one of the most insane laws I have ever seen. What’s next? Gating the parking lot I’m going throughContinue reading “Tailgating at Cleveland Municipal parking lot”