I know what I said!

There are about four subjects that you really don’t want to talk about. Religion, politics, abortion, gun control. What I see shooters all around us either taking out their frustrations, getting even or it’s their psychological way of calling for help. Simply because? We have all been told that if we call out for helpContinue reading “I know what I said!”

On August 28th 2019 I took the plunge!

On that date I did something that I thought I would not even be able to accomplish! I started my own wordpress.com blog website! I’m still learning. In the beginning I almost abandon the whole thing. But I decided to just play it by ear! seat of the pants type of way to go. IContinue reading “On August 28th 2019 I took the plunge!”

There’s talk again about a four-day work week!

Would a four-day work week be better for everyone? https://news.yahoo.com/would-a-fourday-work-week-be-better-for-everyone-155213569.html In in the seventies. There there was talk about a four-day work week. Working 10 hours a day either Monday through Thursday. Or having either Friday Saturday Sunday. Or have Saturday Sunday Monday off? What was the first round of time of the Arab oilContinue reading “There’s talk again about a four-day work week!”

Do you remember the first time you ever rode anyting all of them a baby buggy and A stroller?

Other than the tricycle. I can remember when my parents bought me my first two wheeled bike with training wheels. I didn’t understand a thing of what you were telling me. Then when my two sisters ran off and got married. I got one of their bicycles. The damn thing was almost bigger than me!Continue reading “Do you remember the first time you ever rode anyting all of them a baby buggy and A stroller?”