This is about me!! Who pays his rent! In full! Way beyond on time! But! mgt. wanted me out! While? Other tenants who “shotty” in doing what I always have done! Late with the rent! I did what the others do! Except one! The “music critique!”AKA the waterboy! Who works for the city water Dept.Continue reading “INCOME PROPERTY OWNERS! DON’T LIKE TENANTS WHO KNOW THE LANDLORD/TENANT LAWS!”

I know what I said!

There are about four subjects that you really don’t want to talk about. Religion, politics, abortion, gun control. What I see shooters all around us either taking out their frustrations, getting even or it’s their psychological way of calling for help. Simply because? We have all been told that if we call out for helpContinue reading “I know what I said!”

How many miss the good old days?

I can remember time just going downtown! You had a dress up for you in if you’re just going shopping or restaurant you have to dress up the women and children mostly. Women with their hats on their white gloves holding their children’s hand walking down the street going from store to store even ifContinue reading “How many miss the good old days?”