When you’re in a homeless shelter you?

Don’t know what to do what to say how to say it. Because you’re dealing with a mixed bag of mentalities and attitudes mostly narcissist! The food and the coffee is so way below substandard so way Philip are pets of people in management would not even to their own familyz friends, loved one orContinue reading “When you’re in a homeless shelter you?”


The people! All different kinds, types of people! One is a narcissist! Who has his eyebrows plucked! Is a “toilet freak!” & gay! There are others! There was a woman who pretended to be christian!  But was a There were plenty of narcissists! To go around! The food! Like? How many times can you recycleContinue reading “ON THE LIST OF THE THINGS THAT I WILL NOT MISS?”

What’s it like being homeless?

I began being homeless when property Management refuse to renew my lease. I spent two weeks at the comfort inn in Middleburg heights Ohio, about a week and a half at the Super 8 motel on Sperry road in Westlake Ohio USA. As I got closer to check out time at the Super 8 motel.Continue reading “What’s it like being homeless?”