TIPPING TIPPING 2 Next to sex! Tipping has become confusing! The where, when, how much to tip? Is confusing! I hate it! When people leave a few coins on the table. There are “BUSBOYS!” WHO WILL “STEAL” THE SERVEES TIP! It’s the customers who leave a few coins on the table for the servers. IContinue reading “TIPPING”


DISCRIMINATION? Speaking as an fmr. security guard! What we and others encounter? Is nothing but?  Overzealous wanna be {rent-a} cop. These people are scared “shitless!” about going down and taking the civil service exam. For one thing only? FAILURE!” No one wants to fail at anything! But these wannabe cops are!   YOU CAN’T BEContinue reading “DISCRIMINATION? RACISM?”


It still amazes me! How people expect law enforcement to solve these and other crimes. Impossibile! Take any! Driveby shooting incident! More than likely. It was a “revenge” shooting. I doubt that! any shooting was by freakish chance.  Mistaken ID? hardly! Wrong house? Again! To the same! It has gotten to the point where? It’sContinue reading “DRIVEBY SHOOTINGS”

Smoking cigarettes

When I was a security guard. I would stand outside in the morning, and see people scrounge for a cigarette butt in the outdoor ashtray that they thought it was still decent enough to smoke! No matter how short the cigarette butt was! At least to them there was still a few Puffs at lastContinue reading “Smoking cigarettes”