PROPERTY VALUES PROPERTY VALUES PROPERTY VALUES PROPERTY VALUES The reason I did not post number is? I did not know? How many things about property values there are! I knew a guy that was what I call a “street bully!” Because? He always said: “My house looks nice!” he did not want any vehicle parkedContinue reading “PROPERTY VALUES! IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!”

VAPING Vs. Cigarettes

VAPING VAPING 2 We don’t know any more about this than we do about cigarettes! I did not trust this from when I first heard about it. Why? Are we doing this? Because everyone else is? The old saying: “If everyone doused themselves with gas you would too?” I hate it when? People follow whatContinue reading “VAPING Vs. Cigarettes”

So you want to start your own business?

First question to ask yourself is why? There is nothing easy about running a business. You have to be able to approach people. And you also have to know the right things to say! People want to be coaxed into doing something, This also applies to selling. How many times have heard people say:”someday I’mContinue reading “So you want to start your own business?”