BBC – Culture – Rewatching old films like Brief Encounter or Star Wars


I hope to update this as time goes by! Making money? Yes! We all have to work for the money! Here’s the thing! When we were growing up! All we wanted was to get that 1st. job. When we do get our 1st. job? We tend to plant roots there. Not thinking about tomorrow, theContinue reading “HOW TO MAKE, SAVE, INVEST, SPEND MONEY?”


LOOKING AT BOTH SIDES!? It’s been said that? Prostitution is another way of calling them “Unlicensed therapist”! That’s! Just the positive part! There have been women who have been abused, either by their pimps, or customers. By the customers? It’s because of who they are. WHY MEN GO TO THEM? Either because? Their women orContinue reading “WHY? DO WOMEN SELL THEMSELVES?”


Just about any kind or type of investing it’s easy to do. Especially nowadays with micro investing it’s even more easier to invest. If you learn the basics of investing? You’re that much further ahead! We all need to learn investing so that we can put our money to work instead of just we workingContinue reading “Investing!”

Tippinng! “?”

This is the most hardest part of having people assist / help you The word “Tip” means “To insure prompt service!”. IDK? About the rest of the world! But here in the US it’s the most biggest most misunderstood form of tipping there really truly is. A lot of people especially when it comes toContinue reading “Tippinng! “?””