I must be a narcissistic Magnet!

As far back elementary School. As far back as my classmates I found that even be to have the humble beginnings of narcissism. The best slash or worst of them all for the kid named Danny Rayburn. He hated me since the first day of kindergarten. I said or did nothing at all to himContinue reading “I must be a narcissistic Magnet!”

‘No Chinese allowed’: Racism and fear are now spreading along with the coronavirus: https://on.mktw.net/3aRD1AT

This sound so much familiar to the days of racism against African-Americans. it’s interesting how people will only want to know a certain but limited amount of information concerning the virus. “It’s what you don’t know but can hurt you” That’s sums it up as to how people are handling the news and information about thisContinue reading “‘No Chinese allowed’: Racism and fear are now spreading along with the coronavirus: https://on.mktw.net/3aRD1AT”

After living in a homeless shelter

It’s a hard having to live your life. To living in a homeless shelter To going back into normal life. Keep in mind that! When you’re living in a homeless shelter. You do what you have to do just to remain sane and alive and well. I didn’t know what to expect. I had aContinue reading “After living in a homeless shelter”

Is there a narcissist among Us?

In my previous post called:  history does repeat itself! It occurred to me.  It just occurred to me that while I was at the homeless shelter. There was a guy who is f***** up in the head in more ways than one! That’s because this guy is an absolute full-blown narcissist! Beyond the term “fullContinue reading “Is there a narcissist among Us?”

Since I been here

Time has been slow. I still have a hard time falling asleep! Perhaps because of what I went through at the shelter. And! Going to the bathroom  as well. Still trying to learning how to save and spend wisely. The apartment still needs work. I don’t see my son as I used to.We text eachContinue reading “Since I been here”

History does repeat itself!

When I was a teenager. There was this guy that I met I was more of a friend to him than he ever was to me! If you remember or ever heard the song God bless the child there I a lineT There’s a couple of lines in the song that goes; “when you gotContinue reading “History does repeat itself!”


The people! All different kinds, types of people! One is a narcissist! Who has his eyebrows plucked! Is a “toilet freak!” & gay! There are others! There was a woman who pretended to be christian!  But was a There were plenty of narcissists! To go around! The food! Like? How many times can you recycleContinue reading “ON THE LIST OF THE THINGS THAT I WILL NOT MISS?”


Burgers, hot dogs, the hero( submarine), bologna, raps, burrito, what is it with sandwiches? Easy to hold, carry, taste good in a sandwich? My dad! Turned almost anything/everything! Into a sandwich! What is it?        


I remember? Taking the bus downtown. In that old beige and yellow buses. Some bus drivers let me empty the farebox, which was a fun thing to do. The thing that got me the most was? Taking the subway ( we call it? The “Rapid”). In the winter. the sound of the rapid riding theContinue reading “WHAT WAS IT LIKE RIDING A-BUS/SUBWAY AS A KID?”


FRIENDSHIPS! This article about Bush & DeGeneres! It is a bitway too much! Is it because? It makes the news? Fmr. politician Vs. entertainer? Hinting at? “This makes strange bedfellows?” Or? I wish? There are people in the world that have learned how to’s! Better than some of us. HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH TOTALContinue reading “FRIENDSHIP(S)!”