The do’s and don’ts of living in a homeless shelter

For about 40 days.

Due to extenuating circumstances I found myself living in a homeless shelter.

Is the most absolute scariest thing you could ever experience!

The place I wasat least you had lights a bad blanket and pillow to sleep on.

All building itself was extremely drafty

They also have what’s called a “chore board” or the homeless people to do run scheduled.

I found single moms with kids that I call “rodents” because their mom has this “hands off” methodology in so-called philosophy of parenting.

During the time I was there anytime I see a kid that’s under the age of 10 I seen these “rodents” because that’s all these kids have ever grown up to be.

The food is so very way below standards.

That wouldn’t surprise me aside from some of the food that gets donated which is basically breads of very type and kinds, but as far as the time cooking lunch and dinner I doubt very seriously that the people at this homeless shelter would even serve it to their own families let alone choose our own pets!

As an example!

How many times can you recycle fried Chicken?

At this place you’re only given breakfast was basically cereal lunch and dinner.

They had a coffee machine where to coffee pots there was no way you could stick your hand inside the coffee pot and clean the coffee pot.

We’ve all heard the saying things that go bump in the night.

Well at a homeless shelter there are people that or come in either during the day the evening or during the night just to have a warm place to stay during the by state law 40 days.

There would even be young couples trying to go to a homeless shelter.

People with mental problems.

Even addictions or also at this homeless shelter.

What they don’t tell you?

Is from day one you have to save all of your money so that by the 40th day comes around you have someplace to go.

So whatever vices, habits, addictions, routine whatever that cost money out of the pocket.

You have to really truly quit cold turkey!

During Thanksgiving there are a couple churches that offered free Thanksgiving dinner at their church or their hall for rent.

In a way it’s interesting how to get a free meal you have to put up with preaching and altar calls.

But even the Thanksgiving dinner at these two churches the food was quality.

The worst part about it was?

All of us at the shelter always have to come back to the homeless shelter.

One one organization did help me find an apartment.

And and they were supposed to pay the prorated part of the rent I was a matter of somewhere between playing phone tag or voicemail tag.

If I waited as long as they claim that I should have waited I wouldn’t be able to afford where I’m at.

So so I paid the first and last months rent myself.

And and now!

I’m I’m slowly rebuilding taking things one step at a time figuring out what I have to do to save money to meet my financial obligations aka my debts to society.

Before then I was at an apartment in a City next door.

Are you sure I pay my rent in full and depending on the dates of the calendar were you before the first or even way before the grace. Would be ending.

But the apartment management wanted me out of there!

For no reason!

What I have learned being at the homeless shelter is?

Try to get along with everybody that you can. Your going to have a few people like you do in the outside world that somehow somewhere people will not like you first sight, first impression.

Some of the homeless people have a problem they can’t separate what they they did at home. And try to blend what they did at home and homeless shelters being one of the same!

It is not!

I tried as hard as I might!

I tried not use their shower facilities even though they are what they call “Family washrooms”. I had a very uncomfortable feeling when I took a shower even when the door is locked at a homeless facility.

Is this anything like the times when there were public bath houses?

And it’s got me to think things a little more thoroughly when it comes to money.

What I used to do then?

I cannot do now!

During this holiday season are we really taking care of the people who are less fortunate than us?

Need currently being in a transient facility. The people in the facility as well as I went to a church for Thanksgiving dinner Saturday.

Then a few days ago. We had two leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner.

That’s when I began to think?

Why do feed the less fortunate only around the holidays?

The Bible does it State give a man a of fish and feed himself for a day. Teach your man to fish and you feed himself for life.

Singing voice fortunate around the holidays does not teach the homeless how do you take care of themselves at all!

It’s just another way for religious facilities to try to squeeze in a little preaching and saving a few souls around holidays.

It’s like the old saying you can’t have one without the other!

People are both very cautious when it comes to in general religion and Christianity. Because it’s basically to each their own.

The volunteer van driver from the church that took us to Thanksgiving dinner. Also began his version of evangelizing!

More than likely?

Both sides were preaching to us so they can rack up points in heaven.

Just for the sake of a free meal? Person will enjoy your preaching ass and who’s preaching is going to get a lot of people converted to Christianity. So they think?

Learn something new!

It does not matter!

What it is!

I get emails from dictionary websites. With “word of the day!”

I may not use it.

It beats not knowing!

Don’t restrict yourself.

If the card world does not want to know?

Let them be!